Trader at desk

Your business is growing but the way you're working is slowing you down, and costing you missed trading opportunities

Trading information is stuck inside emails and chats

You're not ready to invest in a large OMS - or you already have one that doesn't do everything you need

Collaborative messaging with the power of an OMS built-in

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Hedgd chat view on mobile

Cloud based software that works where you work. Take control of data, costs and productivity.


See what's in flight, what's new, and what's done. All at a glance.

Hedgd workflow feature


All your orders, all your thoughts. Right next to each other.

Hedgd chat feature

Quick Find

Needle in a haystack? Find what you're looking for — fast.

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Light Implementation

Get up and running in hours, not days. No additional infrastructure required.


All traffic goes over an encrypted protocol. Data is encrypted at rest.


Get the full picture. Complete history of order actions and comments.

With Hedgd

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Hedgd gives your team a central place to create, track, and collaborate on orders