Find out a little bit more about HEDGD and the power it has behind it for financial services organisations.

HEDGD works for individual traders and global trading desks alike. HEDGD is a cloud-based software system that takes control of data, costs and productivity across various devices – and the cloud means no additional infrastructure and lower hosting costs.

HEDGD gives you:

WorkflowSee what’s new and what’s in progress.

ChatAll your orders and all your thoughts in one place.

Quick find Find exactly what you’re looking for, and fast.

Security All traffic goes over an encrypted protocol, and data is encrypted at rest.

Auditing Get the complete picture with full order history, actions and comments.

Your orders:

Free text orders: 

Trade anything with HEDGD

Use our unique free text order instrument class

Create trades and enrich them as they happen

Traditional. Support for multiple asset classes:

RFQ and placement workflows

Automated allocations, routing and fee calculations

FIX and email communication to brokers

Report generation

Sending trade files

Warehouse orders

Regulatory compliance


HEDGD is designed specifically for the financial services industry. It is most often used by:


Get all your orders, executions, allocations and comments, all in one place.


You can:

  • Monitor incoming orders
  • Pick up orders or assign them to a team member
  • Place the order with a broker via email or FIX
  • Directly message portfolio managers within their orders
  • Manage warehousing of orders

Portfolio managers

Put the power of an OMS in your pocket.



You can:

  • Use HEDGD anywhere with a mobile phone or tablet
  • Generate orders
  • Track status with your brokers or execution desk
  • Directly message your execution trader about specific orders


An OMS is only a good OMS if it works for you. HEDGD lets you work the way you want to work.

Orders aren’t missed when it’s busy

The workflow keeps track of your orders so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

There’s no chasing for updates

Keep up to date with progress and see how orders are being worked.

It’s fully collaborative

Everyone knows the bigger picture and understands where to look for information.

Gain a competitive advantage

Be efficient and in control, and make this repeatable so you are fully investable.

Benefit from our expertise

You are the experts in your field, and we are the experts in ours. Benefit from our knowledge in financial software engineering.


So what is HEDGD ? It’s the bold new order management system for financial services. Where older OMS have failed, HEDGD delivers – there is none of the clutter and clumsiness of legacy systems. But what does that actually mean for you?

You get a fresh workflow
See what’s new, in flight and always be up to date.

It’s cloud based
HEDGD offers simple, low-cost hosting via the cloud.

It’s fully collaborative
HEDGD features collaborative messaging, with built-in OMS.

HEDGD is multi asset
There is support for multiple asset classes.

Auditing made easy
Records of all trades are held securely in the cloud.

It’s great value for money
HEDGD is a fraction of the cost of larger systems, but with all the functionality.

It works on various platforms
Use HEDGD at your desk, or on the go with a smartphone or tablet.

You can get it fast
Implementation is efficient – HEDGD can be up and running in days.

It is used by portfolio managers and traders to monitor orders, manage workflows and send direct messages internally and externally. Implement HEDGD wherever you need – across the whole enterprise, or desk by desk.


Here are a few scenarios for you to think about…some might be quite close to home!

Scenario 1:

Your business is growing and the way you’re working is slowing you down.
You’re missing out on trade opportunities!

Can HEDGD help?

HEDGD gives you a clear, concise workflow where you can monitor orders and view all new activity simply, from correspondence with brokers to order progress.

Scenario 2:

Your important trading information is stuck inside emails and chats.

Can HEDGD help?

HEDGD is fully collaborative, with chat functionality to keep everyone in the loop and on top of orders. You can use it as your full OMS, so there is no need for private correspondence. Everyone will be on the same page.

Scenario 3:

You don’t want to invest in a large OMS, or you have an OMS already that just isn’t working for you.

Can HEDGD help?

Traditionally, an OMS has been unwieldy and confusing, with new features bolted on. We will only work with the features you need, unlike a larger OMS that has a higher price point and less flexibility.



HEDGD can be up and running in days, not months, since no additional infrastructure is required – HEDGD is fully SaaS within the Microsoft Azure cloud. HEDGD handles security, business continuity and the hardware to run your front office.

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